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JSON-LD for SEO is a technical SEO app, so you can't actually see anything on the store front.
We're busy working behind the scenes.
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  • Hand with a magnifying glass

    FAQ Schema

    FAQPage data type can be added by including FAQ questions and
    answers to your Shopify store in a special format. This can be added to many areas such as Products, Pages and Blog Posts.

    See FAQ example 
  • Woman cooking something on the stove trying to read the recipe with a confused look

    Recipe Schema

    Recipe Schema can be added once you add some additional data to your blog post. This will need to be done for each blog post you’d like to show up as a recipe.

    See Recipe example 
  • HowTo Schema

    Adding How To structured data provides instructions that explain how to achieve a result by performing a sequence of steps such as "How to tie a tie". But you can create a How To guide for a variety of purposes and on any page.

    See HowTo example 
  • hand holding a video camera

    Video Schema

    The VideoObject can be added if you have videos in your Shopify store. You can add video schema to areas such as Products, Pages, Blog Posts and even your homepage.

    See Video example 

Curious how it works for multi-currency?

JSON-LD for SEO works with all languages and currencies supported by Shopify. It uses the content you enter into Shopify's backend so as long as it's supported by Shopify, it'll work with the app. We recomend using Shopify Markets and International Domains.

Use the currency selector below and run the Rich Results Testing Tool on any product to see JSON-LD for SEO in action.

There are two requirements we ask that you have in place to protect your Rich Results and Merchant Center ads.

1. Turn off automatic IP detection to allow users to select the currency that they wish to use, and
2. Use unique URLs (e.g. or that Google can access for each currency you support.